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Is Your Home Burglar Proofed?

Many homeowners' deepest fear is that their precious homes will be broken into and maybe even thieved. Dealing with a burglary can be scary, expensive, and heartbreaking for homeowners. In order to reduce the chance of...

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Protect Your Car from Thieves

Protect Your Car from Thieves You hear the familiar sounds of your car turning on and driving off. You're starting your daily commute and you rest your hands on the wheel as you navigate the familiar streets. The only...

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A Spark in the Relationship, Not the Kitchen

A Spark in the Relationship, Not the Kitchen Are you striving to be more romantic in your relationship? Looks like you're searching for that special spark that comes from an impressive home-cooked dinner for two. Your...

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Make Sure Your Holidays Stay Happy … and Safe

You'll no doubt hear the phrase "Happy Holidays!" about a thousand times over the next month. Here at Prodigy Insurance, we'd like to change that a little bit: "Happy - and Safe - Holidays!" While the holidays certainly...

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