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Safely Enjoying Memorial Day

Safely Enjoying Memorial Day

Along with a day set apart to remember those who gave their lives in the service of their country and those who are actively serving in the armed forces, Memorial Day is often the first real vacation weekend of the summer.  Memorial Day is traditionally seen as the kick off for the summer vacation season, and as such can be an extremely fun and active time for families and individuals across the nation.

While Memorial Day weekend can be a great opportunity for families to venture out and explore new areas or return again to vacation destinations that they have enjoyed in the past, it can likewise be a time of accident and peril if the family does not remember to make safety a priority at all times.  The two main areas of safety that a family will need to focus on during their fun Memorial Day weekend will most likely be safe travel and water safety.

Because Memorial Day is the first opportunity of summer to get away, many choose to make a road trip to the nearest ocean, beach, or lake for some fun in the sun.  While driving to the vacation destination, families should remember to drive safely.

Driving safely includes being well rested before the drive, obeying all traffic laws, being a defensive driver, and making sure the vehicle is safe for travel.  Once the family arrives at their destination, if it is an ocean or lake or other body of water, then they will need to remember to practice proper water safety.

Water safety means to swim only in areas that fit the swimmer’s skill, only in designated swimming areas, wear lifejackets when necessary, and always have a swim buddy close by.  Remembering to maintain proper safety during all activities this Memorial Day will allow a family to have a fun and unforgettable holiday.




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