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New Year’s Resolutions: Money Saving

Christmas can be hard on anyone! All of the candy, gifts, parties, and fun may have left your bank account with a little surprise that you probably aren’t too happy about, but it is 2014. Don’t let your money take advantage of you this New Year. Below are some of the top tips in helping you not only keep afloat but also save you some money in this New Year.

Fast Food and restaurants

People are always so surprised about the amount of money that they spend on money. If you go out to eat twice a week for the entire year and spend about $10 each time, then that is $20 a week. Over the entire year, that can quickly add up to over a $1000. Times that by a family and you can see why that would be so expensive. You can save so much money by eating home and cooking your own meals, not to mention it’s also healthier too!

Free yourself from debt

This may come natural to many people but trying to get out of debt is huge when it comes to trying to save money. Buying things on credit is great but interest can quickly add up. If you aren’t in debt, then there is no interest. Small things like that can quickly add up and leave you with no money in your bank account.

Reducing your life insurance

Many people probably don’t think about this but trying to keep your New Year’s resolutions by staying healthy can pay off with your life insurance bills. Not only that, but avoiding harmful things such as alcohol also will reduce your cost and is definitely a great way to try to save a dollar here and there during this wonderful New Year.


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