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Travel Safety Tips

Most people love to travel. Seeing the world with one's own eyes and not simply from the images coming through the TV or computer has a way of exciting and promoting a person's mentalities. Such places as the Amazon...

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Protect Yourself Against the Sun

The summer weather is gorgeous! All year people day dream about summer time - being able to lay by the pool, hike in the sunshine, ride bikes, and just spend time outside. Although summer is a great time to be outside,...

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Keeping the Electric Bills Down

Keeping the Electric Bills Down As the summer heats up across the nation, there are more and more homeowners who are realizing that the rising heat is directly adding to their electricity bills. While some may think of...

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Keep Business Flowing in Summer

Keep Business Flowing in Summer Summer time is perhaps the hardest time of year to motivate your employees to do anything. Increased waking hours combined with the opportunities warmer temperatures bring and memories of...

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Defensive Driving

Defensive Driving You've probably been told to be a 'defensive driver' when you are out on the road. Knowing the importance of being a defensive driver and actually taking the time to learn what this means are two...

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