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Phony Car Insurance Myths

Human beings love myths. We like Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster. We love Hercules and Cupid. We believe in lucky socks and artistic muses. While many of these are vaguely based in fact, mostly they are preposterous. The same goes for more grounded myths – like myths about cars. Here are 3 common myths about car insurance that could stand some debunking. Here we go.

Red Cars

Some say that you have to pay more insurance for red cars. This myth stems from the red-color, red-hot-blood association. Apparently daredevils and irresponsible drivers drive red cars, therefore all red-car-drivers should be punished by paying more. This is bogus. You pay the same amount of insurance no matter what color your car is.

Regular Insurance Covers All Damage

No, silly! Basic liability insurance does not cover any and all damage to your car. It will cover damages or injuries you cause other drivers, but not your own. If you run into a pole or close the garage door on your car, you’re out of luck. Unfortunately, this also leaves weather damages, vandalism, and theft uncovered.

If you want your car to be protected from the world (and yourself), you’d better invest in comprehensive coverage.

Using Your Car for Business

Finally, if you drive your car for business purposes, your personal insurance coverage will not cover any damages caused while the vehicle is being used for business. If you work for a large company, they may have a policy that will cover you when you drive for business, but if you are self-employed, your personal coverage will not. So take precautions!

Know of any other common car myths? Share with us below!


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