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Motorcycle Safety Tips

Motorcycle Safety Tips

As the sun starts to shine through the clouds and you take off your winter jacket, you will also get to dust off your motorcycle.  As it collected dust throughout the winter months, it may have been hard for you to continually climb into your car every day and head to work without being able to feel the wind on your face and smell fresh air.

As you pull out your motorcycle in anticipation for riding season, it is important that you remember to…

  • Dust off your safety equipment.  When you get on your bike it is important that you are always dressed properly.  You should be wearing a helmet at all times and you should also be in clothes that will protect you as well as possible if you fall. Even if you are just taking your bike around the neighborhood, it is important that you are always in your safety gear.
  • Check your bike thoroughly.  You will want to do a safety inspection of your motorcycle to make sure that your bike is in proper working order.  Check your fluid levels, your brakes and your lights. If everything passes for your safety check, you will be able to prevent getting stranded somewhere or getting into an accident just because you were not well prepared.
  • Watch your speed as you are driving.  It can be easy to get excited during those first few rides of spring, but it is important that you are abiding by the speed limit.  You should make sure that you can always be in control of your bike and that you are allowing yourself enough time to react safely to the movement of those around you.

So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and start riding!


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