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The Dos and The Don’ts of Halloween

Who doesn’t enjoy dressing up, putting on makeup, going out with friends, or staying home and handing out candy? Hopefully we will all fall under one of the above categories this year.

We want to make your experience great so you are not escaping your friends party from their home or your friends escaping your party from your home this year. 

Here are a few tips for everyone who wants to enjoy Halloween either for yourself, or for others around you. If you have kids make it special for them this year.


  • Be creative:  We all need to be creative with a costume this year. You can either make your own costume, which people will notice more: make your costume from patterns from the fabric store, or with different things you have around your home. Don’t just write on a poster board, or put a box around yourself. Try being unique, it will be a conversation trigger during Halloween.
  • Makeup:

    If you want to add a special touch to what you are dressing up as then use makeup. It will just add that much more to your costume, but remember to use the right makeup for your party. Use colors that stand out, or colors that blend well. Maybe with that extra touch you might win the competition for the best costume. Again be creative, but don’t overdo it. 
  • Go To a Party With a Friend:

    This year if you want to dress as something that needs a partner, to explain your costume, you need to find yourself a friend to dress up with. If you find a partner, make sure he/she is going to have as much fun as you. Costume examples: Popeye and Olive, Mike and Sully from Monsters Inc., or Jessie and Woody from Toy Story.

Do-Don’t With Your Child:

  • Candy=Kids:

    Halloween is not for an adult to go out trick-or-treating, but it is for your child. Make your child feel special; if they want to dress up as Belle then the father should dress up as the Beast. Parents please be humble and enjoy your children’s experience because we have all had ours. Also, be child appropriate. No one wants to see a child in something that would possibly give the child nightmares.


  • Right Size:

    If you are going to a party, make sure that your costume is the right size for the event you are attending. If you are going to a small home or confined space then don’t dress up as Jabba The Hutt, dress up as Darth Vader or Han Solo.
  • Skin:

    This year have a costume that is not revealing. You don’t want to attract the wrong person at a Halloween party that wants to suck your blood.
  • Candy:

     Don’t be the home or party that is giving the small bite size candy bar. We live in Texas and we either go big or go home. Giving out candy only happens once a year, splurge a little and have fun.

Enjoy this year’s Halloween party or trick-or-treating. 

photo credit: DaDaAce via photopin cc


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